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Skype down…SIP up?

Thursday, August 16th, 2007 by Martin Cadirola

This morning I learned that Skype has been down due to a “software failure” leaving millions of people unable to use it. I know lots of people use Skype for their personal and business use. I won’t be celebrating this problem even though they are an indirect competitor. What I’m interested in pointing here is that telecom carriers, operators, and service providers will use this glitch to their advantage. My question is how can we ensure that a SIP-based infrastructure can be more reliable than a peer-to-peer framework? All we know is that SIP is here to stay and service providers should be able to ensure reliability from working with far less subscribers than Skype.

For those that want to read more about the Skype glitch, you can read here and here. Oh, and here is an update.