Video Surveillance, the Kapanga Way…

September 16th, 2007 by Martin Cadirola

Next time you go on vacation you may want to consider Kapanga as a cheap, reliable and effective way to video-monitor your house (or office) activity. Some members of the Kapanga team use it to ensure the pet sitter is taking good care of your pets while you are out :>)

So how does Kapanga work as a video surveillance device? Here are the main requirements:

1. Multiple Kapanga Softphones are distributed in the area to be monitored.
2. Each Kapanga may be connected to multiple cameras.
3. Kapanga Softphones can talk to other Kapanga Softphones and access each other video feeds and control information.
4. Kapanga Softphone can detect motion, loud noises, temperature changes and other trigger actions/alarms.

While you are out, you can call home from your 3G phone and a Kapanga Softphone will automatically answer. After entering a Username and Password the Kapanga will give you access to the video feed of all the cameras. Your home-based Kapanga will also provide control and status information of all the detectors since your last call. Sounds like 007 stuff, eh?

Another cool thing you can do is to configure Kapanga to call you in case of any event triggered (for example an alarm triggered by an event). We used this setup at a NASA group during a scientific field campaign when an instrument needed on-site attention at random times. We configured Kapanga to call one of our engineers’ cellphone when attention was required. And voilรก!

If you want to give this feature a try, please feel free to contact us at support [at] kapanga [dot] net.

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