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Kapanga Softphone is a powerful and unique Voice-over-IP (VoIP) software telephone that lets users make phone and video calls as well as send/receive fax from one single software application. Utilizing the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Kapanga Softphone is designed from the ground up as a fully featured SIP software client. For the last 15 years, Kapanga Softphone has been tested by our engineers and used by telecommunication infrastructure users and laboratories across the world. multiple VoIP infrastructure, IP-based PBX software and service providers in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

In a nutshell, Kapanga Softphone is:

  • A new way of thinking about SIP clients, validated by customers all over the world since 2005
  • A software client designed from the ground up for reliability, flexibility and interoperability
  • An adaptive tool to current and future IP-based communication technology systems

To try Kapanga Softphone for free for 30 days, we require for you to fill the form below. After filling it out, an email with download instructions will be sent to you. If, for some reason, you don’t receive this email, please let us know and we’ll send you download instructions within 1-3 business days.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Kapanga Softphone
User Interface

Softphone Specifications

SIP Stack

  • Fully featured, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) software client
  • 15 years of interoperability testing with major telco infrastructure 
  • Multiple voice and video codec support
  • T.38 Fax over IP support
  • Full NAT and STUN support
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 10

Voice Codecs Support

  • G.711 (µ- and A-law) and ITU codecs
  • GSM 6.10, GSM-EFR, EVRC
  • Open source codecs: MPEG-1/2, Opus

Video Codecs Support

  • H.261, H.263, H.264, H.265
  • MPEG-1/2, MPEG-4
  • Open source codecs: VP8, Theora

Additional Capabilities

  • Call automation with recording/playback
  • Real-Time Quality metrics
  • Private labeling available
  • Multiple language support
  • Custom (Media or SIP) feature implementation available
  • Technology consulting